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New Admin

Post by EmanReleipS »

Ask, and occasionally you will receive:

DaveTheBlaze has joined the ranks of your hardworking admin team!
At the same time, Dalyup has decided to retire from active duty, but will still be around to support us with advice and keeping his eyes open while on the server.

A big thanks to both of them for contributing to our community! :clap:
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New Admin

Post by Miauz55555 »

Congratulations and welcome to the team.
BTW new Admins have to clean the kitchen at LAN partys. I know no one told you before, but now it's to late. =)
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New Admin

Post by joeblow »

I must warn the new Admin.

I am probably the worst person on this server by many accounts.

GOOD LUCK and congratulations!

Thanks to the staff for keep things going !!!
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New Admin

Post by mikel »

Congratulations and thanks to all of the team.
Looking forward to the next 20 years..