On vacations :D

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On vacations :D

Post by laboRHEinz » Wed 7. Nov 2012, 21:26

Hello everyone!

After having admined and supervised the server almost permanently for three years, I've decided to take a break for a couple of weeks. There were several reasons getting me tired somehow recently.

The most obvious thing is that it's simply been a bit much of work lately. All the moves, rigging new servers (it's the 10th by now btw), tweaking them, checking & cleaning up logs, replying to PMs & mails, considering ban&unban appeals, dealing with bickerings, observing, hunting & punishing winning team switchers, lamers, cheaters & Co took a shitload of time recently. Sometimes it's been like a second job.

In addition to this not very joyful work, there's a further reason: As it is, I'm not really ok with the current map selection.

You know, back in 2008/09, after my beloved }TCP{-ONS-32P got empty (I'd still play there if it was existent and populated :-( ), Techcom remaining the one and only crowded european ONS-server, there were exactly two reasons why I started ceonss:

1) TC has been way too laggy for me. It simply wasn't playable for me, I've maybe been just too petted by TCP's gaming performance.
2) TC had way too many maps with overpowered vehicles / TankMeUp-maps for my personal taste.

Well, as for point #1, I've kept struggling with solving it at ceonss over the past 2.5 years. The current result I'd consider being average. The server's lag performance is still not perfect yet, at least mostly playable though.

Point #2 is still an issue IMO. Look, I'm just a mainstream ONS-er hence I prefer classic, oldschool ONS-maps. I simply don't like maps with superpowered vehicles at all. Thus I do dislike any TankMeUp-maps. Travelling without any vehicle is almost pointless on 'em. There's a chance to defeat Goliaths as a pedestrian but there's no point trying to get down Minotaurs without having another overpowered tank at hand.

Regarding the other extreme, the NV-maps: Personally, I like playing NV-maps as a refreshing diversion. I usually prefer NV-maps over TankMeUp-maps. Because they require skills and one has a chance being on foot. But playing several NV-maps in a row, followed by "almost NV-maps" like BitchSlap, Dreamus and Spiffingrad? Uhmm... no thank you!

Sorry, but both sorts of maps I can't consider being "real" Onslaught maps. That's certainly just my own personal POV, I know. It's very subjective but still. Unfortunately (IMO), exactly those kinds of maps are the most popular ones.

Well, both my approaches to have the server a bit more oldschool, mainstream style failed (NV-maps / Split). It's apparently simply not possible. Either too many complaints popped up or player counts just dropped unbearably. Well, the server's overall popularity still is more important to me than my own preferences and I don't want to force players to get used to my own taste. Thus I always switched back, but... I obviously can't have the server the way I personally want it.

As a consequence, I can't really identify myself with the map roster anymore. That's already getting to the point I have to ask myself whether I still want to be owner & admin of this kind of server at all anymore. That's been bugging me for quite a long time so far. However, the last bit that's been pushing me away was that there already appeared several personal accusations, like for instance I behaved like a dictator, some were even questioning my general sanity...

Well, I simply don't need that. Time for a break I guess. At first, I'll step back until the end of 2012. Just in order to rethink my own UT-future and how the server should look like in the long run. Anyway, I'll be back in 2013, we'll see then. However you all, don't be afraid too much of the server's future. Its operation will be continued, one way or another, no worries.

In the meantime, there'll be two great players supervising the server.

Cya soon!

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Re: On vacations :D

Post by Cat1981England » Thu 8. Nov 2012, 00:34

Come'on lads, there are very few of us still playing the game and only a handful of servers left - most of which are demo - let's not balls thisup. We've got a solid server which is 90% full every evening 7 days a week and with Tankhouse the chance to have a second and hopefully few more players to help keep the game going. Getting insulting and personal doesn't benefit any of us in any way.


Enjoy your time afk boss, hopefully you'll regain your enthusiasm for CEONSS by the time you come back.
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Re: On vacations :D

Post by N4rkoT1k » Thu 8. Nov 2012, 19:01

omg im so sorry to hear that you are getting tired of administrating this wonderful server
I enjoyed it so much during the last months to join this server and it is by far the one that i play on the most (at least during 1/2 to 1 year)

Also I dont get why ppl might even possibly think of accusing you in any way.. I mean hey.. its your server at last and you can do whatever tf you want
Besides.. I rly rly dont see a reason ^^ I was very pleased with the server setup, the performance and the ppl playing on it as well. Nothing to complain about from my side
Enjoy your time afk boss, hopefully you'll regain your enthusiasm for CEONSS by the time you come back.
If this was a contract, id sign it!

Now my POV to the map selection:
Personally I luv NV maps but I also can understand that some might think that its not the real ONS-style
The TankMeUp maps are.. lets say I just suck at them and therefor I dont like em :P
But it is best to let the ppl decide that are online on the server and that are currently playing.
I mean, that is what the voting system is there for. It works pretty ok I think.. sometime you get to play the maps you love and sometimes not ^^
Most ppl disconnect if they dislike the chosen map, but I always see new ppl join after such "drops" over the time
The server is well visited and I think you rly should be proud of the frequency that ppl are joining the server cause we all know its an old game which only some nerds like us still like to play :D

btw what is your ingame nick? I always wondered who you are on the server :cool2cool:

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Re: On vacations :D

Post by Zon3r » Fri 9. Nov 2012, 06:18

Everyone needs a break, to log out a bit, cause if you push yourself too hard, you will start hating what you are doing, and then everything gets Fubar. relax a bit

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Re: On vacations :D

Post by }TCP{Carnage » Mon 12. Nov 2012, 22:21

U are doing a great job Heinz u just remember that !! :-)
Ppl will always complain about something .. and as i said before u can not please everyone.
Basicly they are whining about "Taste".. and well that is quite different for most peeps.

Have a break and get ya handsome ass back in the game :D


I could set up the Ons just for old times sake .. but tbh shooting bots get boring after a few maps :)

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Re: On vacations :D

Post by laboRHEinz » Tue 13. Nov 2012, 22:45

Carnieee :yippiiieh:
Feels so good for an old dog to hear his old master's all too familiar voice :D Hard way not to obey ;)

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Re: On vacations :D

Post by Sernemissza » Wed 14. Nov 2012, 13:12

I wish you a pleasant leisure, boss!

N4rkoT1k wrote:btw what is your ingame nick? I always wondered who you are on the server :cool2cool:
Well, i think Heinz forgott to answer you, but luckily* a have the answer:
Same nick as here.
*Luckily, because he is rare online...

My doctor!
I suggest keep the admins, if this is the price for see you more often...
...and you makes us glad, if we have you as a helpfull teammate or a great and fair opponent.

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Re: On vacations :D

Post by el_timbo » Fri 16. Nov 2012, 09:23

Hi Labor,

Enjoy your break boss - you richly deserve it!

I can only speak for myself (although I'm damn sure many other players agree) in saying you've done a great job with all of the servers you've built and admin'd.

Obviously a lot of new players (and a few senior ones) have got into a rut and seem to need massive vehicles to succeed on UT these days, the rest of us are happy with a good varied mix of maps.

NEVER take any accusations from players to heart - you know that the established players on here all respect you and what you're giving to us keeping UT up and running so well.

Map rosters are just a style thing, we all have our own preferences but good players can succeed in others players comfort zones.

But mainly, enjoy your break - I hope to see you online one more time in 2012 to wish you a happy xmas & new year - come in one night as a player, not admin and just have a giggle killing me if nothing else!

See you soon I hope boss, and thanks for all your hard work once again.