Playing Musical Chairs :)

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Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by laboRHEinz »

Hello everyone!

It is with great joy that I am now announcing a major change: Our well-known member and ingame admin Cat1981England is so kind and generous to take over the ownership and full administrative responsibilities of CEONSS!

After being at the helm here for 4.5 years, the daily admin routines got a bit out of hand on me and I somehow had the feeling that I have run out of ideas, too. Therefore it was about time to search for someone else with fresh enthusiasm and new ideas. So, over the last several months we've had deeper discussions behind the scenes about how and by whom the server should be best maintained in future. And it is a great relief for me that Cat declared himself willing to be the successor :D Also, that all of our current staff members are going to fully support him.

As to myself, I'm really sorry for you lots already starting to cheer, I have to disappoint you once again: I am not leaving UT2004 or CEONSS entirely, I'll still be around every now and then :p Hence no need for any curses or goodbyes ;)

Nevertheless I'm taking this opportunity to give thanks to you all: to our ingame admins Cat, Golly & Ten for spending a lot of your time and helping me monitoring the server. To Wormbo who created about a million things for the community and for CEONSS, too. Also for being always there whenever I needed help. To lilalurl who did a lot for the server in its first years. To Pegasus for the extraordinarily good cooperation, your huge efforts and time amounts you've spent here over the last 4.5 years. I've learned incredibly much from you about UT & ONS! Last, but not least, of course, a massive thank you to our most important persons: all of you players :) Needless to say that a server without players wouldn't make up a nice place to be. Thank you for staying loyal for so long :thumbup:

But now, most importantly, please all, give Cat a very warm welcome as our new owner and leading admin :yippiiieh:

Cat, I wish you all the best, plenty of joy and a lucky hand! :D
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Gollum~*B*~AF »

Retirees <-- LOL! :wave:

Ok ex-Boss u did your job very well and its nice to have u always in the background :thumbup:
We are so lucky that Cat takes your work over - we'll stand by his side :readit: :D

Enjoy your spare time now :cool2cool:

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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Anik »

Oh, quite a change! Congrats Cat!

Cat, can you add Grendel forever? :D :D

Lol, sorry, I couldn't help myself :twisted:

:) :dancegal:
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by EmanReleipS »

Wow, that is big news, even though I knew Heinzi wanted to hand some responsibility to someone else....I didn't expect you to give the entire server away! ;)

What exactly does this mean? Will the server move again, or stay in the current location? And who is funding the server now? (Mainly, where shall I send my monthly fiver?)
Will you be playing under your real nick now, Heinzi?

Cat seems a highly competent member of our community, so I'm sure he will take good care of your baby. I'm also glad you will have some more free time now, Heinzi. Enjoy it! :D

Under the condition that you're not leaving us completely, Heinzi, I won't be sad. :)

And a warm welcome to Cat! :tada:
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by {DUB}Cochrane »

Congratulations Cat! :D

And for the moment we just call it a coincidence that the server starts acting up on the same day you become admin :angelwings:
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Cat1981England »

Anyone can create a server but it takes someone special to create a community. You have set a fantastic example and become a friend to us all. You deserve every bit of credit that has, and will, rightfully come your way.

When i first heard that you were retiring i was absolutely gutted. You've been the corner stone of CEONSS for so long that i can't imagine the place without you at the helm. I thought it was the end of CEONSS and possibly UT2k4 ONS for us in Europe. You could have just turned the server off and walked away from something that has cost you thousands of hours of your free time, countless headaches and many, MANY Euros, and i wouldn't blame you had you done so. But you didn't. Instead you were busy reducing our costs, fine tunning the server and giving clear guidance on it's management, which will not only make CEONSS continued existence possible, but also allows for it's continued smooth operation. Another in a long list of actions which show what a true gentleman you are.

I'm delighted that you're staying with us :yippiiieh: and that you now can relax and enjoy playing UT2004 again, which is the retirement present you've more then earned after all your hard work. I hope you enjoy CEONSS newly created old peoples home, i don't know what that smell is, but i think Goll has something to do with it :D

As far as I'm concerned, you will always be "the Boss" and this will always be your server. We'll take good care of her Boss :kissmyass:
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Xac »

Congratulations Cat! :clap:

I second Eman's thoughts...I hope you don't have to sell your chickens Cat to fund our entertainment? ;)
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Pegasus »

Can't say I was shocked the first time I heard Heinz mulling in private about retiring and looking to pass CEONSS on to someone else awhile back, considering the numerous stressful times that have come and gone for him at the helm of the server. Initially it'd just be him venting some pent up frustration that would later subside and we'd be back to talking all kinds of shop again in the Admin section, but when it reared its nasty head once more, it took some time off the server officially before his spirits would get patched up to a more upbeat outlook. I knew that being an entire community's sole n' semi-constant problem solver can take its toll on anyone but Heinz seemed to be handling things fine again. And then the bombshell that he's looking for successors, only this time for real, dropped in the staff forum early this year anyway.

I've had some time to process this and accept that Heinz wanting out was bound to happen eventually, the exact timeframe being just pointless debating I'd get into with myself in my head, probably with some selfish motives in tow. As the time drew nearer, and with the specifics about the changeover progressing from being hashed out to getting finalized to just waiting for the date to arrive, however, I found my initial sadness gradually getting replaced by something else. There's no point feeling bad about CEONSS, considering everyone who's still around and supporting it, but there's every reason to be happy about Heinz making a choice that will be good for him and the coming part of his life as a person (and a UT player!). So yeah, basically that's what all this is to me: being happy for someone I've come to consider a friend taking the next step. I'm also very grateful too.

One of the (few) benefits of being as wordy as I tend to get is that sometimes all you need to do when you're trying to make a point is dig a bit back to find where you feel you did that right before and simply hold it up again. So when I think about Heinz and everything that got us to this point, perhaps sharing this bit from a private conversation I had late last year with a generous member of this community will do the trick:
[...]I've been around this place for (lemme check) more than 4 years now and I can assure you the resources and dedication Heinz puts into CEONSS that ppl can publicly read about are merely the tip of the iceberg compared to the full picture that includes numerous hardware upgrades, host changes, cross-continent shipping of hardware and more. Hell, just the sheer amount of time and effort he's invested into researching & troubleshooting OS issues, assembling new rigs, testing loads of net experience-affecting variables, hashing out walls of policy-related text with me (still WIP!), toiling and discussing together each and every roster change so it'll be consistent with our principles and standards, internally planning and doing map edits and a shit load of other stuff I'm unfortunately forgetting right now... well, let's just say IMO he's probably contributed more to the game than any other UT server admin I've ever met or known - and there have been several of those - to the point where he's more of a hero to me and a pillar to the game[type] than just a hobby colleague.[...]
CEONSS may've started out back in 2009 in a defiant mood and knowing what kind of ONS server it didn't want to be rather than having any other, more profound or affirming ideology in mind, but that soon changed. Thanks to Heinz' tireless work across about a dozen different server rigs and as many different ISP/host combos, his inquisitive and ever-learning personality, his inclusive, collaborative management style and his more tolerant, laid back but mature demeanor as a leader, CEONSS rose through the ranks to become a top tier ONS server, but - equally importantly - it also managed to grow a healthy, friendly and vibrant community which we all still enjoy even into the game's twilight years.
On a more personal note, the fact that Heinz always had the patience and willingness to entertain the stream of constantly evolving theories, principles and evaluation standards I'd cobble together across dozens of wordwall rants regarding the server's equally growing ideology, mission statement and the yardsticks we should use to size up the content we'd come across to see if it aligned with our goals, offered me the unique chance, and the encouragement, to continue looking deeper into Onslaught's constituent parts and try to understand what lies at the core of its gameplay and how that could help improve CEONSS - and ONS. Later on he even indulged me in some more practical, hands-on contributions and further experimenting with that put me down the path of delving a lot more seriously into yet another facet of UT from which I'd like to think I've come out a lot more experienced and with further insight into its inner workings. For all those opportunities, the trust and confidence Heinz placed in me, and for 4+ years of smooth n' respectful collaboration on a project that's been his brainchild, I am deeply honoured and grateful to you, man.

As the former boss well observed, CEONSS' successful course isn't the result of just one or two individuals' work. Our community has been fortunate to have had competent and generous people rise to staff positions here from its ranks that have substantially contributed to the server's ongoing smooth operation and helped maintain its good name as a fair n' friendly place to frag - hell, that's where our new boss even comes from. Besides the staff though, content contributors past n' present, server and msg.board members who offer their thoughts and input regularly (donations too!), as well as external affiliates and friends in other servers have all done their part to get us here and they deserve recognition and our thanks for it. If CEONSS is a success, it's because of the support you all continue to show it and, to my mind, that's the only way it can ever be. To reel this closer to the subject at hand though, the fact that this all started from one man's idea and is now being passed on as a full-grown community of hundreds of people and a server with dozens of regular players, I think speaks volumes of Heinz' achievement as a creator and a leader. And even though I know our days of tinkering with new toys n' ideas behind the curtain to share with the whole world are probably over, were I ever presented with the chance to work with you on something again in the future, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat :).

To wrap up yet another tome-of-a-post, as Cat continues to be instructed by Heinz on the various facets of running the place with a mind to finally assume administrative responsibilities across the board soon, and down the road from there, the rest of the staff, myself included, will stick around and continue to help out as much as we can from our posts. So if anyone's worried about whether there'll be a CEONSS around tomorrow or after the weekend, don't worry, we got you covered Image. What our new course will be and how it might vary compared to how things have run up until now will be for the new Boss to decide, but I know he'll have our full support.
As for Heinz, I know he's earned every last bit of the peace of mind and relaxation he's looking forward to upon becoming just another player among us, and, like I said, I'm perfectly happy for him. Outside this little online game's realm though, I think I'd rather not wish him good luck in his next steps. I've seen him set his mind on something and bring in damn good results with hard work, so he's more than capable of making his own luck. What I'd rather wish him instead is to have an easy time finding another thing in life to feel as passionate and driven about as has been the case for him with CEONSS, and I'll be happy to hear about it when that happens.

Rest easy, Heinz - you deserve it.

Hmm, I wonder if Pete Townshend's quip about the new Boss will apply :p. Speaking of which, where is that cat anyway :)? Edit: oh, there he is! Hey, Boss!
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Droopy_Bollocks »

Hey Labor,

Well as a junior member on the server the first thing that has struck me reading some of the masses of stuff on here, how obviously committed you've been to creating and maintaining a fantastic server.

I fully to admit to being pretty surprised a while back when an old mate & former CEONSS player mentioned that UT was still going strong, it had been a couple of years since I'd actively played and I've found it to be a very nice return to some very challenging gameplay (something sadly lacking in newer games). It speaks volumes for Labor's skill and leadership that there is such a quality of players still fighting it out night after night, makes for a very enjoyable fragfest!

Although I'd played more CoD, DM & TAM over the years than ONS, this server has proved to be a more genuine place to play, many people with deep knowledge of the game and it's inner workings (Pega, Wormbo, Golly, Cat to name but a few) and very sensible discussions about issues that on other servers are dealt with in a very amateur fashion (map changes, cheats, bans etc) are the core of CEONSS and with Labor at the helm, it's made it a very well respected community amongst ALL game servers, not just UT.

Having read some of the problems you've fought your way through over the last couple of year Labor, I'm amazed you've had the mental strength to carry on, fantastic job matey!

I do hope we get to see you as a player on occasion, I've had very little chance to duel with you and I'd like to rectify that and get my arse kicked by the boss!

Now of course, an honest welcome to the Cat - he's obviously got talent (don't know about brains) and I'm sure with the support of the other staff, we'll get to see CEONSS carry on as strong and vibrant community of UT'ers

So have a good rest and admire your handiwork boss, you've created something great and it's a pleasure to play and be part of it.

Droopy. :yippiiieh:
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by GLoups! »

When I saw the term 'retirees' I must confess that I do not exactly understood once, and disappointed, now I am reassured that cat back to the things in his hands, the whole world knows that he has the lineman for this, may be Big boss'Lab' bruce lee

will visit us from time to time while donnie 'Cat' yen keep the calm for the good of alls, i always work for a mapping project and if you need something I'm still not far.

Thank you Boss for everything you have done for us and wish you the best in the real life. :clap: