Playing Musical Chairs :)

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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Karma_geddon »

Well... That was unexpected. Kinda. ;)

I say "kinda", because I do know how things works in an hobby community, and I can relate to Heinz decision: sometimes, you build something, and then, after some time, you just feel that you had enough of it, and that it's time to pass the scepter (and the responsabilities) to someone else, who might have the creativity and the energy to help the community to grow even more and to evolve again.

Thankfully, one of the "sympthomes" that what you created (the community, in this case) is healthy and in good shape, is that there is someone else who is willing to take that scepter and to go on. :)

I've been in this community for less than a year, and so I do not know Heinz very well.
...but I do know CEONSS - I do know what you gave birth to. And so, I can only CHEER :) And feel very thankfull to all the effort that you put in this thing. You planted a very good seed, you took care of it while it was growing, and now you definitely deserve to have a seat and to be able to eat the fruits for yourself. ;)

Also, I'm pretty excited for the new "creative input" that Cat could infuse to the server! I have been feeling his enthusiasm in the past about some matters, like the research for new maps to add, and so I'm very happy that he decided to reach for the scepter ;)
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by reyno1d »

you did great job Heinz! thank you for that!
and congrats Cat! However I can't get used to red color of your username :P
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by elect »

As I said, he met an hot brasilian girl and he will move to Caracas to open a bar there and enjoy the life

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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Ten »

Your a Legend Heinz....... thanks for keeping the server going. Good job! & see u around

And Welcome 'My New Boss' Cat1981England
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Kenny--OMG!! »

Thank you labor for driving CEONSS towards the experience and the community that it is now! You're awesome :award: Good luck in future endeavours!

Congrats Cat on the promotion! Fingers crossed for better ping :p hehe
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- »

Loved the seed metaphor Karma :P.

Big thanks to Cat for taking on the job, if no one was willing to take over then i guess CEONSS would have shut down, so thanks for that. I don't think we can thank Heinz enough. I have only been playing here for just under a year and have enjoyed every minute of it and have met many great people, literally :) and i guess that's all because of you Heinz :). By hosting this server and putting all the money and hard work into it, you have brought entertainment and tons of fun to people around the globe, so thanks a lot for that and enjoy your extra free time and hope to see you around :), but as always, take care.

:award: <<< this needs to be bigger :)

Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by [P]etya »

Well as others said we can't thank Heinz enough. I think this is the best ONS server or I can say even the best server in UT2004. You've done a great job. :)

And Cat, I wish the best for the future. :)
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Khoma »

Haven't had much time to play and visit the forum the last couple of weeks so it might be a little late but I still want to show my appreciating for all of Heinz his work, thank you for everything! :D
And Cat, I think you will do great as the new boss, congratulations on your role as the new boss. ;)
Just make sure you keep playing a lot! :lol:
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Re: Playing Musical Chairs :)

Post by Hyden »

I never got a chance a chance to meet Labor but I am still thankful for the people who give their time to making things run well. I know how stressful it can be as a few years ago when our clan was big into UT2004 we had three servers on the go & I really understood how much work it was for the smart people to keep stuff running, I'm glad to see things will keep going as I truly have grown to love the server & the people who play on it. Just try not to drive cat crazy people ! :lol: thanks again for all you guys so !!!