New staff.

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Re: New staff.

Post by Dalyup! »

Cat1981England wrote:-FuNkY-MoNk-UK an In-game Admin.
Oh wow, man, congratulations! Now you can hide your top secret super hax more easily.
Cat1981England wrote:EmanReleipS is to become a Global Moderator
Oh god.

Have mercy.

But, seriously, congratulations to both of you! Peg's explanation make the choices well-deserved and I'm sure you guys will do a great job at filling the server up with chocolate bulls-eyes to headshot.
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Re: New staff.

Post by Gaffer »

Congratulations Ema and Funky! Ema has been employee of the month for some time now, so its only reasonable she would be picked for a management position :lol:
Funky probably threatened to make admins life headshot-hell were he not chosen...I'm on to you, you slippery monk :nono:
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the admins new and old, as well as the gmods and bosses for this wonderful server and associated forum. Thanks!
(On a side note, I really appreciate Pegasus' monologues now because they give me something to read at work :D So keep 'em coming :thumbup:
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Re: New staff.

Post by Karma_geddon »


My thumbs are SO up for these two new staff members. I can only second to all that Peg already said.

There so many aspects in this thing, and I'm happy because of all of them. For example, they are "fresh meat" - players that have joined in the last year, and that have been active in the community life (server and/or forum and/or real life side) in a very positive way.

Also, incidentally, Ema is a female.
I don't want to be sexist here, but I realized some time ago that almost every social enviroment is better and more fruitful when there is a presence and an equal contribution from people of each sex.
Well, maybe this shit going on with people accusing Funk of cheating will come to end now, finally.
Now, they will say that he's mod-abusing xD

* not even reversal-sexist (for example, I'm not saying that women deserve honors and privileges and special treatments here JUST because they are women)
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Re: New staff.

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- »

Thanks guys :thumbup:

It's a pleasure to be apart of this already fantastic team. Congratulations to Eman :clap:

Kind words, Pegasus :D
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Re: New staff.

Post by Hyden »

Congrats to you both !
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Re: New staff.

Post by Anik »

Congratulations Funky and Ema <3 !

God, all my friends turn into admins xD (more bridge yay) :wohoo:
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Re: New staff.

Post by EmanReleipS »

Anik wrote:Congratulations Funky and Ema <3 !

God, all my friends turn into admins xD (more bridge yay) :wohoo:
Hahahaha! You will have to use your charms on Funky, cause I don't have any power on the server, just the forum. However, if you want the only map on the entire server list to be Bridge, talk to me..... ;)

Thanks everyone! I'm really happy to receive such a kind welcome from all the players and my fellow and mods, esp from Peg. I will probably need your help a lot. :lol:

And Karma, that was really sweet! No worries, you didn't come across as sexist (or reverse sexist).
Just for the record, I wouldn't want to see any preferential treatment for me either just because I am female.

Also, as for those wondering what kind of changes I will be introducing to the server....the chocolate appreciation map is coming as soon as Wormby receives my truckload of "reference material". ;)
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Re: New staff.

Post by Zon3r »

Soon there will be more admins than players.... oh well. in that case, Cat, Ten, Golly, Ema you need to practice more, cause by my believes, admins should be way more skilled than average players :D(Funky you don't have to, take it easy :D)
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Re: New staff.

Post by Cat1981England »

True ^^ :D
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Re: New staff.

Post by GLoups! »

New staff members ? That's wicked! Really good choices moreover, i wish all the best to funky (no need to add a y) and ema :dancegal: