CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

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CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by Pegasus »

Normally, the Boss was going to create this thread, but he seems to still be busy prepping the buffet and finalizing the music playlist, so I figured I'd go ahead and kick off the festivities until he shows up. And no, don't worry, this won't be a word wall, I wanna get some ggs in tonight :p. Now then...

Man, 5 years, huh? That's quite a long time to keep a project going in this online world, no matter how you slice it. Never mind that the game it focuses on was itself about as old when this server was launched, which makes us reaching this milestone now all that more meaningful and remarkable. Getting a game server off the ground and slowly working up the ladder of popularity to its top echelons, all the while learning how to improve the quality it delivers in net experience and content, as well as cultivating a healthy and brimming community around it at the same time, doesn't just happen by accident either. It takes all sorts of people believing in the project and working together, each from their position with their unique expertise and skillset, passionately and consistently each week of every month of every year to first help the server make a name for itself among the rest and earn the trust of a growing group of regulars, and to keep going upwards from there. And having gone as far as we've come, it's exactly those people, I think, that is most fitting we pause and acknowledge today for all their help and crucial contributions to CEONSS becoming a leading ONS[Plus] UT2004 server.

- laboRHeinz, aka the Old Boss, aka the Hardware Whisperer, aka ketchupnub :p: founder and CEO of CEONSS, Heinz was the vision and driving force behind (almost) everything that put this server on the map and made it what it is today for over 4 years, until he stepped down a few months ago. I already went on at some length on my post in the Old Boss's retirement thread, explaining from the vantage point my own access allowed just what degree of determination, resources investment, level-headed leadership, technical knowledge, and plain-old hard work Heinz exhibited as a leader, so I won't bore you with a repeat of that here, but suffice it to say that if Heinz hadn't found the motivation to break away from the times' prevailing trends, well, let's just say the overall ONS landscape would look very different today, especially to those having some appreciation for the skilled pedestrian playstyle and its viability in the gametype. Heinz may have retired, but his ongoing presence (and occasional counsel) will no doubt continue to have an inspiring influence on the server, so one way or another, I'd say he's earned the debt of our gratitude.

- Cat1981England, aka the Boss: longtime contributing regular and handpicked by Heinz as the best suited to be his successor, Cat took to the job like a cat to water a pro and, in fact, after quickly mastering the ins-and-outs of the server's various management areas, the new Boss has now also begun to unfurl an even broader set of previously unsuspected skills, all in the name of keeping the server humming along and improving its content even further. In short, Cat didn't just happen to be a member at the right place at the right time to be handed the reins; he's proven to be the right man for the job, and that's the most reassuring turn of events we could hope to get ever since CEONSS entered the turbulent times of searching for someone to take over. His enthusiasm from Day One has been rejuvenating, and his ongoing diligence and conscientious work output make me proud to call him Boss and be just as optimistic about the future. Thanks, Cat!

- Our Ingame Admins, Gollum, Ten and Funky, aka the Boys in Blue: each of them a distinguished CEONSS regular with plenty of experience under their belt even before their appointment, they all answered our call for help lightening the ingame monitoring load and have generously volunteered their services in the name of keeping CEONSS as cheat-free and friendly a place to frag as possible - the most senior one, Golly, approaching 2 years on that position. Gradually, their entrusted jurisdiction grew to encompass all aspects of Rules and Anti-Cheat Enforcement, with them reviewing cases and handling infractions in the Reports, Bans & Appeals section of the msg. board as an autonomous team led by the Boss - they also got their own staff subforum and mini-fridge in the Admin section too! It goes without saying that their role has been vital in keeping the server a place people want to keep coming back to day after day, and for that they deserve our appreciation and praise. Thank you for your services, gentlemen!

- Our g.mods, past and present, aka the Nagging Guiding Voices: there's so many facets and intricacies in running a successful server for a game like UT, that if anyone were to try and do it all alone for enough time, they'd be just as likely to completely burn out and walk away soon enough as they'd be to lose perspective or sight of their moral heading and start taking actions detrimental to the project. Each with their own experience and insight to offer as counsel, our g.mods have always tried to help the CEONSS Boss, well, not flip out for one thing, but to also provide additional information and viewpoints that will help him make more informed and well-rounded decisions, as well as delivering on other fronts they choose to focus on. Both our former g.mod, lilalurl, as well as our most recent inductee, EmaNrleis-, EmanRelip-, aww, fuck it, Ema (:p), are people of such abilities and broader perspective, and their role has been instrumental in keeping this ship pointed in the right direction as well as with helping address all kinds problems, sometimes before they even manifest. Hell, sometimes I've done that too :p. The g.mod status is the highest rank and order of trust a CEONSS member can receive from the Boss, and for juggling their managerial, analytical, supportive (and psychological) duties all this time, I'd say our g.mods deserve some love n' recognition - and maybe a glass of beer, too, should you ever run into any of us!

- Our contributing content creators, mappers, Uscript devs et al. As they say, critiquing others' work is easy, but mustering the knowledge, skills and, most importantly, the courage to set out and create something of your own to share with others is far from it. Throughout CEONSS' path, we've been fortunate enough to've drawn the attention of some quite skilled and inspired authors, whose contributions have made the server's hosted content that much more diverse, interesting and, ultimately, better for everyone playing there, and, on occasion, also those of us monitoring or evaluating that progress. From the more seasoned individuals in their respective fields - like, for example, Wormbo, Crusha and VK - to those still eager and curious enough to keep learning and honing their UEd skills - like Kentaro, GLoups, and even our own Cat and Ten :) - you're all to thank for keeping new blood coursing through this server's veins, and in the most practical way maintaining the community's confidence that this game[type], although aging, refuses to resign itself in stagnation, but will keep on evolving as long as you're around to lend a hand and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. We salute your efforts and promise that, as long as you keep on tinkering, we'll be here to help you make your creations the best they can be for all to enjoy.

- And of course, last, but by no means least, all our players, community members and friends/affiliates from other communities. There's no gaming server without players, there's no community without people caring enough to take a closer look, sign up n' offer feedback, and there's no success without both of those pillars being present and active. If we've stuck with this experiment for so long, it's because you all were around to encourage us and let us know we're on the right track by being there, or here on the msg. board, and contributing your time, effort, feedback n' constructive criticism, good will, word of mouth - even money! - so that we can become even better. Hell, once in a while, some members even manage to distinguish themselves enough for the CEONSS team to decide and ask 'em to become a part of it as older staffers retire, so, in a way, the future makeup of the team will be entirely of your own making. Back to the previous point though, let me assure you that all of the CEONSS staff are keenly mindful of and deeply humbled by this trust each n' every day and in all our actions n' decisions running this community. Even in hobby/non-professional terms, having an audience isn't a perk, but an honour and a responsibility, so as long as you're around, placing your trust in us, we'll keep on striving to live up to it. Thank you all for riding along with us on this half a decade journey and being a great community!

I believe that covers everyone, so as a parting thought, I'll leave you with this. Like I said up top, 5 years in online gaming terms is a pretty long time, and CEONSS has definitely had its ups n' downs during that period; many have left, many others have joined, and, even from a content perspective, the server is pretty much completely different from when we started. One thing that remains the same, however, is our conviction to continue delivering the best ONS we can in terms of balance and variety, and even though we're likely to not get it right with each n' every change, the one thing we can promise you is that, just like with the global climate, our overall trend will remain upward and towards evolving the gametype into something better, beyond just attempts of derivative sameness.
Truth is, we don't know how much longer this server may manage to stay viably populated; the game itself is quite long in the tooth now, there are many other established, prominent titles competing in the same genre (TF2, CS, etc.), and even though UT3 failed to become the next successful step in the Unreal Tournament franchise and absorb all its previous titles' remaining players, there's now another iteration in development that's theoretically poised to do the same. This boat, too, will eventually sink. As I've said before though, just staying alive is not where the main purpose of CEONSS lies. We're here because we believe this specific gametype of this specific game represents a design achievement still worth playing, even among the torrent of competing ideas in the arena of genres that Onslaught straddles, FPS and strategy. In my book, as long as we can manage to refine and polish it to its best possible state, to embed it with worthwhile new elements, evolve and develop it even beyond what its original creators envisioned, the idea itself can become a message able to survive even the extinction of the game that gave birth to it, and, by way of inspiration, seed itself into subsequent ones, through which it might live on forever. That's the ultimate goal IMO, that's the bigger picture we shouldn't lose track of, even if it's kinda bittersweet to any personal investment everyone here may've made all this time to one another. Still, just because we should keep this in mind doesn't mean it has to reside at the front and center and constantly be getting us down. For now, our favourite server just hit a significant milestone, so let's go out there and celebrate that achievement by doing what we do best: fragging each other silly :)!

Happy 5th, CEONSS, and here's to many more!

Alright, now to go n' see what kinda trouble I can get into ingame ...aww, crap, everyone's gone for the night. Fml.
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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by Dalyup! »

Happy belated creation day to the server!

A large thank you to all that help maintain the server in all its facets. If not for all of your guys dedication and diligence I doubt it would be as fun and communally tight-knit as it is.
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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by Steinein »

I'd just like to say that in all my 10 years of playing UT2004, I've never came across a server that I felt at home at this quickly.
It's a wonderful community and I'd like to applaud everyone that made this possible.
Let's all look forward to many more fun years to come.

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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by EmanReleipS »

Peg has really said all there is to say. Happy Birthday to the server and a thank you to everyone involved with maintaining this great and fun place. And a huge thank you to all the gamers who still come here, many of you every day. :yippiiieh:

Here's to at least five more years! :cheers:

EmaNrleis-, EmanRelip-, aww, fuck it, Ema (:p)
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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by [P]etya »

Always a pleasure to play on the server. Good community, good admins and lots of effort into the server. :)
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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by Zon3r »

It was back in late 2010 when i first stumbled upon this server, and since early 2011 i became a regular here. awesome server, noone can say anything bad about it, unless they want to lie, i'm afraid of the day when it will cease to exist, but CEONSS will stay awesome till the end. I would like to thank to all of you who are helping in maintaining the server, mad props to you guys
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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by Gollum~*B*~AF »

:clap: Peg,
you remember us that we are a nice and strong CEONSS community [with a good filled up ut2k4 server].
I/We want to thank YOU for your work here, starting, moderating aaaand in a very competent way you cleaning discussions :readit: here on Forum a.l.l. the t.i.m.e. [but beware of Eman.. she links your ass mate :lol: ]
Damn! You Are the mother of the whole CEONSS-company o:o :award: in the special way we need it here.

Thx PEGASUS and all peeps spending hours and hours here on and for CEONSS. Thank you!

[Senior InGame Admin#] :D
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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by Cat1981England »

Goll's right. I can personally vouch for the huge amount of work Peg has done behind the scenes. He's been fundamental in the success of CEONSS working alongside Heinz over the years, providing content, insight and advice. The last two usually being elegantly concealed inside word walls which make War and Peace look like a child's short story :p

Thank you Peg and every other member of the community for making CEONSS a success :clap:

Here's to another 5 years :cheers:

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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by pull0$ »

The CEONSS community is one of the best in all aspects I have seen in the UT universe.
Thanks to all those who with their great (and hard) work have achieved such a good job.
+1 to 5 more years at least :clap:
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Re: CEONSS celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Post by fors »

5 years??? 0_o it seemed to me more... but since its start, he almost has not changed and is still great)