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CEONSS Teamspeak Server

Post by EmanReleipS » Sun 29. Mar 2015, 21:09

Hey peeps!

We are happy to announce our very own Teamspeak server to use while gaming! Whether you use it to coordinate with your team or to intimidate your enemies with fierce screams, it is great fun.

How to install & use the TS server:

1) Download and install Teamspeak
2) Load the programm
3) A small window will open. Click on "Connections" in the menu at the top.
4) Enter the following info:
Server address:
Nickname: your UT name or a recognizable nickname
5) Click "connect"
6) You should find yourself in the "All Gamers Welcome" channel. From there you can easily enter a new channel by double-clicking on it. It should prompt you for a password if you enter another channel.
7) Go to "Bookmarks" and add CEONSS-TS3 to your favorites! It will then show up in the drop-down menu when you click on "bookmarks".

Teamspeak Server Info:

The TS server has 4 channels:

1) All Gamers Welcome
(no password)
A small section for general chit-chat outside of the game and for other gamers to use that aren't playing on our server or even playing our game. Basically, there will be strangers in this area. You may also use this channel if you are playing UT on other servers or playing other games. There are two "teams" in it so that hopefully there will be enough space for everyone.

2) CEONSS Players Only - Main Server (password: CEONSS_TS!)
Please use this while playing on our server. If there are many users online in this channel, you can split up into your respective teams by double-clicking on the "Red Team" or "Blue Team" subgroups.

3) CEONSS Players Only - Match Server (password via pm if you join a match event)
A channel to use while participating in one of our match events. It also has two subgroups for the teams.

4) Admin Channel
The place where I practice singing.

Teamspeak Server Admins

EmanReleipS ("Ema")

Hope to see many of you on the TS server! :thumbup:

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Re: CEONSS Teamspeak Server

Post by Zon3r » Sun 29. Mar 2015, 21:21

"4) Admin Channel
The place where I practice singing."

I'll make sure to stay away from that room :D :D

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Re: CEONSS Teamspeak Server

Post by Xac » Sun 29. Mar 2015, 21:41

Zon3r wrote:"4) Admin Channel
The place where I practice singing."

I'll make sure to stay away from that room :D :D
Have you heard Ema sing?

Don't worry I'm sure Cat will stream it up to Youtube ;)

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Re: CEONSS Teamspeak Server

Post by Cat1981England » Sun 29. Mar 2015, 21:46

Xac wrote:Don't worry I'm sure Cat will stream it up to Youtube ;)

I did that, but Youtube threatened to close down my account.
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Re: CEONSS Teamspeak Server

Post by Hydro » Mon 7. Nov 2016, 08:51

omg! keep this thing away from HYDEN :P <3