Balance ffs!

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Re: Balance ffs!

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My belated 2 cents on this matter, I 'll try to keep it very simple:

1. Balance is wonderful and makes games nice, but it's a pony, a butterfly, a unicorn, so don't be mad when you can't catch it.
2. It's just a (great/addictive/mindbending) GAME, not a who's got it bigger contest, so always say to yourselves when you play "lighten up and enjoy! lighten up and enjoy! lighten up and enjoy!"

Not that I 've never ranted on balance ingame or that I' m always successful on the latter, but I 'm trying.
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Re: Balance ffs!

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I remember one game we had last week when it ended during overtime leaving the cores at 0 and the winning team had 1. Was the most dramatic and enjoyable game i've had in a long run.

Always a balanced game not only increases the fun but also motivates you to play better and be more focused. It's the only way a player can improve, no wonder some guys are still in mediocrity. ONS was designed for speed and strategy and wasting time may cost you in the end. First ingredient for winning is to be fast-runner, fast-builder of the nodes and fast to attack enemy nodes. One fraction of a second may decide the whole game, one combo miss. Then comes the others, like aim, defending, DM skills etc.
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Re: Balance ffs!

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Giving this thread a bump, certain players need to read this