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Postby -Nick- » Fri 11. Sep 2015, 19:16

Hello all,

I've made the decision to leave CEONSS and this community. I've played on CEONSS for the past 2-3 years almost religiously and my time playing is up. I'm reluctant to leave but it's the right thing for me to do. I've certainly grown up since i first started playing here and it's now time to give this whole life thing a shot to my full potential. I can't just play UT here n there, has to be full on, and I'm afaird to say i cannot do that any more. I've seen hundreds of players come and go through this server, but the ones who are still playing here after many years and are most likely reading this message are the ones I'd like to thank the most. Thank you for all the frags we have shared. I will never forget this period of CEONSS i was involved in, and of course, the time I've spent with you all. I'll pop in somewhere down the line, but for now, I am done.

I would like to thank Heinz, Pegasus, Cat, Gollum, Ema, Wormbo and any previous staff, coding dudes. This is the best server I've played on in any game and you've all kept CEONNS and the heart of UT ticking in your own special way. I've had so much fun playing here, Thank you.

My last games will be this Saturday (12th)

Thank you all.


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Re: Leaving

Postby Gaffer » Fri 11. Sep 2015, 20:42

Hey Funky. It sucks to see you leave but real life catches up with everyone eventually. Its been a pleasure playing against you and your aimhax :lol: Good luck with your future endeavours and make sure you stop by sometime, you will be missed! GG sir :clap:

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Re: Leaving

Postby EmanReleipS » Fri 11. Sep 2015, 20:46

I wish I had known about your departure earlier. I could have organized a match event or something. :(

I'm really sad to see you go. I had the opportunity to meet you in Real Life and you're a great guy. Even back when people were accusing you of cheating, you were always polite and friendly. How quickly you became an admin is just another sign that you're a responsible, reliable and kind person. I will miss you both as a fellow admin and as a friend.

But your Real Life always comes first. This is just a hobby and if it's becoming a burden, then it's time to quit. I wish you good luck and much success with your offline adventures. You know where to find us. :)


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Re: Leaving

Postby Pegasus » Sat 12. Sep 2015, 17:54

It's always a pleasure collaborating with mature n' class act kind of people in projects such as CEONSS, and, as far as I'm concerned, you've certainly fit that bill during your presence here, Nick. Even though this departure was a surprise to everyone here, I'd like to wish ya success in your future pursuits and an interesting time discovering your calling n' unique place in the world.

Also, if I may offer a parting bit of advice here, while setting gaming aside might understandably be in your best interest for now, it's unlikely that anyone will actually require that you strip away the "gamer part" of yourself completely in terms of your identity, personal tastes, ideology, or even the way you approach challenges in life going forward; odds are all that will stay with you wherever you go and might even help you in ways you weren't previously expecting.
Besides, there's plenty of people out there managing to balance a demanding professional life, a family life and make some time to enjoy the occasional gaming session even in their mid-30s and beyond, too. So, by all means, reallocate every resource you need towards your new goals, just don't go thinking today has to be the last time you get to enjoy some ggs with online friends. And, who knows, when the dust settles in your life again and you've reached a new routine, perhaps CEONSS might still be around, waiting for you to pick up your LG and show everyone just how rusty your aiming's gotten - there's certainly some precedent there :).

Best of luck out there (although I doubt you'll need much of that to do well), and thank you for all your help!

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Re: Leaving

Postby Cat1981England » Sat 12. Sep 2015, 21:44

I'm gutted tbh Monk, but you've made the right call. Real life does matter, this does not.

You've become an outstanding admin, always making the right decision, not being overbearing but quietly keeping everyone in check. You've offered insightful feedback on the future of CEONSS, the map roster etc and posted some great stuff in the musicbox btw, so I thank you for all of your work. It's going to be impossible to replace you if I'm honest, so should you find yourself in a few years sitting at home on a Saturday night with some screaming little shitbag in the next room, you'll be welcome back in the admin team without a second thought ;)

I wish all the very best and hope to see you back on the server every now and then.

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Re: Leaving

Postby Droopy_Bollocks » Sat 12. Sep 2015, 22:31

hey Monk,

What can I say, very sad to see you go but like me, you're about to find out that life is more important than gaming.

You're the most devastating first-shotter I've sen in the UT arenas...make sure you give life the same treatment, i.e. NEVER hesitate!

Best of luck buddy, thanks for all the crispy craniums you've given me and hopefully we'll all see you again somewhere down the line.

Take care matey.

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Re: Leaving

Postby Miauz55555 » Sun 13. Sep 2015, 19:25

Hey FuNky,
there were some really good games with you.
I wish you luck and prosperousness in your current goals. Keep the letters from Pegasus and Cat in mind.
Hope to hear from you. Where is not relevant (Game, Music, Real Live,…) When you have something were you are proud off, and you want to share it, I will rejoice it too.

These two songs are for you:

The Byrds: Turn, Turn, Turn
The Carpenters: Sweet Sweet Smile

See you down the line. :offtobed:

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Re: Leaving

Postby Sernemissza » Mon 14. Sep 2015, 05:49

You was amazing with the lightning gun.
From you this song occurs to me always:


I will miss your headshots! :cool2cool:

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Re: Leaving

Postby Steinein » Tue 15. Sep 2015, 00:33

Hey Funky mate,

Sad to see you go man. I've learned quite a lot watching you play and trying to duel with you, thanks for that. Your cursor was always quite genius in finding the nearest head to shoot.
Good luck with the real life, very understandable that when things are shifting / changing in your life you need to put your priorities straight and put gaming a bit lower on the list. I'm sure that when things have settled for you (with work, study, etc.), we'll see you return, perhaps even in the new UT. Until then, best wishes :wohoo:


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Re: Leaving

Postby Xac » Tue 15. Sep 2015, 12:06

Just saw you were leaving... :(

Life has the annoying habit of getting in the way of gaming, but I hope you can drop by for a game now and then, you'll be missed by everyone.

I hope all goes well with your music and all the other things you want to do! :thumbup:

All the best,

I tried to drown my sorrows, but somehow they learned how to swim...

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