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Re: Leaving

Postby fors » Tue 15. Sep 2015, 16:47

have you lost your mind! why are you leaving, what are we gonna do without you(
you were too hasty with this decision, the Monk, in any case, there is a compromise!

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Re: Leaving

Postby joeblow » Thu 17. Sep 2015, 17:50

hate to see you go as well. Your a great player!

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Re: Leaving

Postby N4rkoT1k » Fri 18. Sep 2015, 09:26

Sorry to hear that dude.
Wish you all the best!

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Re: Leaving

Postby GLoups! » Fri 18. Sep 2015, 18:48

Sad news, i can remember the first time see you on Spiffingrad, there i wondered from where theses shots cames in my face ! , may be see you in further times.

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Re: Leaving

Postby [P]etya » Sun 20. Sep 2015, 18:48

It's sad to see another great player leaving. I hope you'll drop by from time to time. :)

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Re: Leaving

Postby RANE! » Sun 11. Oct 2015, 01:07

I have not played here long enough but I wish you well Funky you sound a nice person! :D I only play UT once a week sometimes twice so just pop in have a game now & then.

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