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Re: New admins

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And uhm, thanks (I think) Small...?
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btw, are those streams of minigun bullets? ^
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Re: New admins

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congraaaats <3
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Re: New admins

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But, admin have a lot of work on a server like that?
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Re: New admins

Post by Cat1981England »

There's a huge amount of work that goes on in the background which tends to go unnoticed until things start to go wrong. This can go from reading up about (and fixing) possible security issues with our server operating system, going through endless log files, editing maps, day-to-day in-game admin'ing stuff and a hundred other things.

To be honest, without them spending many hours each week on this place, CEONSS would be a complete mess and i'm very grateful for their work :thumbup:

So a big thank you to Gollum, Ema, Daly, Miau, ThunderCat, ]M[ and Peg and Heinz who still do much for the server :yippiiieh:
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Re: New admins

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Yes, a big thx to all the admins and the bosscat ofcourse :clap: :clap: :yippiiieh: :yoman: :wohoo:
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Re: New admins

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Yes. Thanks to all the Catmins (see what I did there :ghehe: ).

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