Report: X-Guild

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Re: Report: X-Guild

Post by fors » Mon 27. Apr 2015, 18:47

advertisement, advertising, rules , punishment... You forgot that the person can try for you. For the sake of your enjoyment from the game! And for what he wanted to do better, it even wanted to ban. great. now not a lot of servers where people play, and even less if the people there are friendly.they are just trying to keep a good pastime in the game, but for some reason someone refers to this as a market, where are advertise products. Long time to realize that this is not the correct reasoning.

how do you think how I attracted a dozen people in CEONSS server? I also have told people about this server just as well and gave them IP-address similarly. all understand me and without aggression and accusations. treat this with understanding for to improve our game (it is important to note, perhaps in gratitude, will share information about you, including about the server [!])

if to talk about the punishment for breaking the rules, I support the maniac. besides the word "ban", there is such a word as "warning", and it is not the only one.


Re: Report: X-Guild

Post by [P]etya » Mon 27. Apr 2015, 20:02

Regulating advertisements isn't a bad thing actually... If somebody spams the server with advertisements, then it is annoying. However, I do agree with that in this case it wasn't a real "rule-break" and a single advertisement won't make the world collapse. And as I saw the logs X-Guild didn't spam advertisements about that server. I also tend to ask about servers on other servers.

Think about it: if all rules were followed damned strictly and each rule break would result in ban, then I guess one should expect a drop of 90% of the playerbase, because minor rule-breaks are daily thing. Most rules are for "giving directions" and some of them tell what isn't advised to do. There are rules which are followed a bit more strictly, but it's for the best.

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Re: Report: X-Guild

Post by EmanReleipS » Mon 27. Apr 2015, 20:55

Guild apologized to Mani and Zony yesterday, so can we let this matter rest?

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Re: Report: X-Guild

Post by Maniac » Mon 27. Apr 2015, 21:21

I think it would be the best decision.
Topic closed.

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Re: Report: X-Guild

Post by RottenToTheCore » Sun 3. May 2015, 15:39

But i can still post here :ghehe: .