out of time connection

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out of time connection

Post by Miauz55555 »

Ok that sounds like a corrupt or missing file.

Do you have any files in your instalation folder which are not from the original game? Also music files can cause that error.
So it's craching when starting downloading the files?

Can you please searche for and delete all files with "anittcc" in it's name.
Can you please delete or move all files insite your cache folder.
Please load the current map pack http://ceonss.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&p=17047#p17039.
Than move the files to the right folders.
Get the sound file I postet and put it in the right folder, too.
Delete your ut2004.log file.
Delete or move your user.ini, ut2004.ini files away.
Open your game and load the map Stonewall offline.
When it's crashing post your log file right after that. When not, join the server, if it's craching there, post the log after that.

When that's not helping, we wipe all your files out.