Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

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Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

Post by laboRHEinz »

We have certain fairplay rules on CEONSS. This is intended to provide most enjoyable matches for everyone.

Apologize after accidental lame kills, especially team kills. Most honourably would be committing suicide after an accidental unfair kill (tbh, haven't seen this for a while...).

Staying at one spot of the map and just waiting for opponents to come by all the time is so-called camping and not considered to be very sportive. Avoid it, please!

Using cheats like e.g. aimbots, speedhacks and wallhacks is not tolerated here and will immediately lead to an unlimited ban.

Whenever you want to take a break (e.g. grabbing a beer ), please disconnect or go spectating. Idling means doing nothing while you're still an active player. This weakens your team and your mates will start hating you - and deservedly so.
Especially, when the server is full and some other players want to join but can't, idling sucks!

Joining the server:
Prior to joining the match, you should join as a spectator in order to observe, which team is stronger at the moment and then try to join and enforce the LOSING team. Joining a winning team is poor and and shouldn't be your style.

Don't look for it if an opponent isn't a very nice player by e.g. camping, spawnkilling typokilling etc.

Share your vehicles, especially mantas!

Chatting all the time, especially repeating the same message again and again is called spamming. Don't do this! The other players are not dumb, they will get your message if posted once (if not, they press F2 for chat log).
When you're not playing but spectating, really feeling the need of talking, then please talk to the other spectators only by using teamchat (press "R" instead of "T"). So players won't see your chats and won't get pissed...

Don't be so pathetic to wait for opponents at unlinked i.e. unattackable nodes to kill them with your minotaur...

If you see opponents respawning while you are fully armed, it would be very nice of you to give them their time to run to the next weapon locker or vehicle before attacking.

Concentrate on the match by building and attacking nodes. Don't just focus on your own stats by pure fragging.

Team killing:
Even though the friendly fire scale is at 0% on CEONSS, team killing is possible e.g. by pushing teammates into lava or telefragging them (jumping into a teleporter directly after one of your teammates). Never do this intentionally!

Whenever you see an opponent with a white bubble above his head (the so-called talking-icon), then he is typing at the moment and not able to shoot you. So don't attack him and wait till this icon disappears!

Weapon throwing:
Throw some of your unused weapons to a teammate .
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Re: Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

Post by nine »

Laba would stiff like hiding round the corner and randomly shooting(mostly in a tank)count as camping/spawn killing(if at a locked node) :blahblah:
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Re: Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

Post by Xac »

Other considerate things to do when playing:

When your teammates are near you with damaged vehicles, use the alt fire on link gun to repair them.

Try to share vehicles where possible...don't fight over possession of a manta, share it! Get on the roof or a wing. And don't just drive off in a hellbender by yourself when there are teammates around who may have to walk a long way to get to the next node. It's much better to arrive at the next node in force with back up rather than trying to take on everyone else on your own!
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Re: Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

Post by pull0$ »

is lame in a team game.

linking each other to build nodes
is a must, your building power is increased by 50% if you link to another, so you build faster and time is of the essence in ONS.

sharing mantas
is another must in maps with long distances between nodes and scarce flying vehicles.
Get on top of the cockpit so that you don't fall off easily as you would if you were on a wing.
Don't lift the manta off the ground and honk your horn for teammates to get on, it wastes time and they cannot get on the cockpit, so even if they jump on a wing they'll most probably fall off with the next bump.

Re: Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

Post by [P]etya »

It's nice to talk about things like what is fair and what is not and how to play and how not to, the majority of the players will always play like in DM and going for the most points. It's the morale of the players, because from my experiences only those ppl are the mostly appreciated who can HS the shit out of others and/or have the most points. No offense, but I think teamwork is a bigger priority in ONS than the points of the individual. Well, that's one of the reasons why I keep saying that NV maps aren't ONS. Moreover, it's sad to see how many ppl play this magnificent gamemode as if they are playing DM. It is usually those, who complain about tanks on daily basis, because they have no clue how to deal with a Goliath, because oh wait I have to work with another players to achieve this and I won't get enough points to do that. :P The bitter truth is this, I hope everybody will find it a food for thought.

Seriously, try to play Bombing Run or CTF as if you are playing DM, you soon realize that teamwork is more important than aim and headshots. :D
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Re: Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

Post by elect »

pull0$ wrote: linking each other to build nodes
is a must, your building power is increased by 50% if you link to another, so you build faster and time is of the essence in ONS.

I always wondered if is faster when one mate links another one that links the node compared to both linking the node singularly or it is the same..
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Re: Fairplay & Netiquette Glossary

Post by Pegasus »

Rather than expanding to multiple subjects beyond the glossary's original scope, I'd propose we continue discussing specific mechanics of the game and the best tactics for using 'em in the Tips & Tricks thread instead. What elect's asking has already been answered there awhile ago by Wormbo, but I'll include some missing bits of info in a new post just to round out the topic.
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