Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year 2021

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Same for you. A happy new year, hope you are well. =)
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Happy New Year 2021

Post by Pegasus »

If there's ever been a year (almost?) everyone's glad to've seen the last of, it has to be the noxious dumpster fire that was 2020. While I'm right there along everyone else wishing and hoping that 2021 proves to be a marked improvement over the ash-and-vomit aftertaste these last twelve months have likely left humanity with, there is one point where I deviate from that mentality that I thought might be appropriate to share here: all the tragedies, loss, and suffering we've witnessed from afar and/or lived in person since last January were not the product of any magical curse, bad planetary alignments or star positioning, the ill whims of petty gods, or some kinda unfortunate numerological coincidence.
There's a whole lot of problems that as a species we've failed or been slow to properly address, and the consequences of that inaction are catching up to us, likely poised to keep on bedeviling us for the foreseeable future, too. Obviously, not everyone shares the same burden - or ability - to fix things, and, worse, the toll of said consequences on us was also not taken in any equitable way either, but if this world's gonna become any better a place to live and thrive on, I believe it's only gonna happen if we help move things and make changes towards that direction in every way we can, small or bigger. I doubt that anyone here has the power of reallocating state or corporate resources at their fingertips, yet meaningful change can still happen through things like personal improvement, more empathy in interpersonal relationships, volunteer work and charity around one's community, and, of course, organized communal initiatives towards shared goals that can make the world a better, fairer place.

It's up to us all to roll up our sleeves and help fix this messy world in any way we reasonably can, if we're going to deliver it in a better state to future generations, some representatives of whom are already here, watching us fumble and fearing for the worst. Of course, that doesn't mean we should neglect taking care of ourselves as needed or stopping to smell the proverbial roses now and then by taking stock of what we still have and whom we get to share that with, as maintaining perspective, keeping old connections and making new ones are vital to us all and can rejuvenate these efforts. Resolving to find suitable ways to be more a part of the solution than the horrified audience is the point here though, and a choice that, once made, can help us be a lot more confident than just trusting in blind chance that the new year that's upon us, and, indeed, the new decade we're just entering (no, I'm not giving up on this hill; I like my comfy fort up here :p) will indeed be an improvement over the previous one. Let's make our own, better luck in 2021.

Hope to see you all there, more healthy, confident and determined than you ever expected to be. Happy New Year (and New Decade!), folks :).
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