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Post by Miauz55555 »

- Changed height of boxes by the tank.
- Lowed the dm-room teleporter and shaft.
- Placed the teleporter at the top on a box.
- Teleporter in node room now goes up rather then down.
- Default fall damage in the centre room.
- Lowed the jeight of the node bases which should stop the Badgers getting stuck.
- Raised the height of the side nodes spheres.
- Small SM added so you can jump from the window onto the bridge with just a double jump. You can jump from the bridge back to the window but if you miss there's no safety net (light).
- Placed extra weapon lockers at core on top of ramp.
- Changed the glass texture of the dm room so people stop trying to shoot the node from the central room.
- Centre room is now blue and darker while most of the rest of the map has a warm hint.
Nice. :thumbup:
- Vehicle class blocking volumes have been placed at the entrance to the DM rooms. Manta's should still be able to get over the top the the centre path.
Not sure about this.. but if you want it there put that "No Vehicle" sign on it and make the Volume a bit higher, so that it fits in the opening. I can still bring a Paladin in that room.. using the centre way and some other vehicles as a ramp. Maybe let it as it is.. so that is posible to bring vehicle, but the tank, inside that room.. It is funny to bring them there and it's time consuming (How surprised I was to see a Paladin inside the upper tunnel in Gunshop^^).. they are quite usefull for defending and when the node is locked they are useless. Also we have a rule against "Exploiting map-specific design flaws in an intended, repeated fashion".. but of course we should try not to give them the oportunity.. just make that wall thicker (to the inside).. 3x till 4x as thick as it is now should be enough so that you can't shoot through it.
Jumpads are preferred to teleporters where possible because they are a more 'natural' to move. You can move in the air, fall short, double jump. I'll have to try and find it, but Peg made an excellent post somewhere about the dis/advantages of jumpads etc. Having jumpads between 4-8 5-6 also allow players to use the alt-fire nuke more directly rather then having to go all the way around.
I read that post from Peg as well.. maybe in the tanks-a-lot topic (don't search for it).. teleporters are the worst for gameflow..
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Post by Cat1981England »


- Removed the vehicle blocking volume from the centre path.
- Placed new vehicle blocking volume which only affects the Paladin and stops it getting too close to that window.

Now on the server. Thanks once again y'all :award:
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