Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

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Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by Hyden »

Sad news, Zon3r's (rácz Ferenz) sister ( Gizuus Deovic) posted today that her brother has left us for good. No other detail than that & as far as I can tell she does not know English but even if she did I would not press for details out of respect for her sad situation. I just thought I should pass this along, I also shared her post on the Facebook CEONSS group as well.

I wish I knew what to say, nothing seems quite right actually. So I'll leave it there, I will always remember krumpli when I think of Zon3r, our lost comrade & friend. (that may sound really dumb but it's honest & true, that's all I can say about it) :C
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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by Hawk »

Omg I am so sorry to hear that. I never know what to say in these sitiuations either Hyden. We will dearly miss him ofcourse.

My condoleances to his family
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Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by Miauz55555 »

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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by GLoups! »

Very very sad.
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Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by Pegasus »

This is terrible news.

Zon3r joined CEONSS from pretty early on and he'd been a consistent, vocal presence on the server and on the msg. board during those past 9 or so years. The relationship between him and previous administrations could sometimes get choppy, but I can say for a fact that our exchange of views and concerns always remained grounded on the basis of mutual respect and a belief that the benefit of the entire community was the guiding principle for all sides, no matter the issue. Through his contributions Zon3r helped make the server a better place for everybody, and CEONSS is poorer for having lost a good member like that.

Zon3r was a stand-up, vociferous, no-nonsense, "clean" and mature part of this online community, and I'm sure most of us will continue to remember him that way whenever we look back at our in-game times on CEONSS, fragging, talking or just fooling around together.

It goes without saying that the Ferenz and Deovic families have our deepest condolences and sympathies for their loss, which in our own way we share as well.
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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by SysX »

Im without words, I wish his family and everyone he left my condolences..
Rest in peace zoner, you'll be missed.
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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by Ten »

Sorry to hear this sad news.. RIP Zoner..
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Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by widurr »

Hyden wrote:her brother has left us for good.
It has some room for interpretation. I'd like to think that he just decided to f*ck this shit, which is going on in 'civilized' world, and just found himself some place, perhaps on some island on pacific ocean, far away from all this bullshit. Yea, I like this idea very much.
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Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by laboRHEinz »

Really bad and truly shocking news :(
Zon3r was playing here on an almost daily basis for many years. Quite hard to get he's been taken out for good all of a sudden :/
Whereever you are now, Zon3r, whether in heaven or even just on some pacific island, I really wish you all the best!
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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Post by EmanReleipS »

I've been trying to get used to the idea that he is gone for half a year now, but to have the confirmation still hits me.