Happy birthday, Wormbo!

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Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by Pegasus »

So according to his profile info, today is the day The Worm turns a year older, and since the year of birth isn't mentioned and determining a worm's age is also kinda hard, I suppose the best we can settle for is "Happy ++age, Wormbo!" :).

While other affairs seem to've kept the Coding Dude busy elsewhere of late (UT4? other UT-related projects?), I trust that he still abides and will also keep gracing us with his wormliness here, whenever possible. Between the various UT/ONS projects he continues to tinker with, not to mention the multitude of contributions to this game he's authored over the years - in gameplay, security, usability, aesthetics, casual fun, external support, analysis, documentation and anything else - the fruits of Wormbo's decade-long labour in UT2004 alone have been as undeniably beneficial as they are ubiquitous, and greatly contribute to making the average player's daily experience on non-demo ONS[Plus] servers (and elsewhere) that much more enjoyable, novel and cheat-free to this day.
For all of that, as well as his dedication to UT in general, I'd like to invite everyone to take this opportunity and extend him our gratitude and well-wishings for the future, both personally and on behalf of CEONSS and its community. Happy birthday to Wormbo - long may his sleek and grounded code-fu (:p) serve as a high bar for mature, meaningful n' efficient contribution!

Oh, and here's some paradropped supplies for the day, too :p.
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by laboRHEinz »

Hell yeah, happy birthday Wormbo!!!

Your knowledge about UT and its mechanisms stands out massively and your countless contributions even more! Big, biiiig thank you for that!

I'm wondering why Epic didn't offer you a full-time senior highly-paid job yet, you'd deserve it 100 times :D

BTW, nice find, Peg :thumbup:
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by Droopy_Bollocks »

Blimey Wormbo has a birthday??? I thought he was ageless!

Seriously though, happy birthday O God of UT and I echo what Heinz said, Epic should hire you on a massive salary right now to kick UT4 into shape!


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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by EmanReleipS »

Happy Birthday, o Wormlord! :happybday:

Thank you for all your hard work and great contributions to this game! :award:
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by Xac »

Happy Birthday Wormy!

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by GLoups! »

Happy birthday coding-man ;)
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- »

Happy birthday Wormbo!

Hope you had a wonderful day.

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by Sernemissza »

Happy Birthday! :cheers:
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by Gaffer »

Happy birthday Wormbo!!! :partyyy:
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Post by Dalyup! »

Happy belated Great Womb Escape anniversary, Wormbo!